Historical Shopping Experience and Modern Valencia

Oct 10, 2014

World famous engineer and architect Santiago Calatrava was born in Valencia. If you go to Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Artes and Sciences), you may feel yourself in a setting of science fiction movie thanks to Santiago Calatrava’s masterpieces next to each other. You may realize how modern architecture may add value to an historical city like Valencia. After seeing his work during its construction in New York at the 9/11 site and wondering what those spikes would turn into, it was time in Valencia just to stroll around and enjoy every organic details he added to his architectural works. From a packaging designers view, another great spot in Valencia was the Mercat Central (Central Market) de Valencia. Although fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish sections do not have packed goods but the atmosphere of the iron building dating back to early 20th century will remind you that former shopping experience was much more exciting as compared to what we get today in a regular supermarket.

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